See You Try EP

  1. See You Try
  2. Me Missing You
  3. Outskirts of Heaven
  4. Mas Tequila
  5. Upstairs
  6. Kids in the South
  7. Outskirts of Heaven (Acoustic)

Tomorrow Tonight – Single

  1. Tomorrow Tonight
    Tomorrow you’re gonna pick your clothes
    Up off these hardwood floors
    And walk out my door yeah

    Tomorrow you’re gonna hate the sun
    For risin’ and breaking up
    What we got going on ‘cause

    I’m kissin’ you right
    And holdin’ you like this night
    Ain’t ever gonna end
    Gonna lose track of time
    Tryin’ to keep that moonlight
    Shining bright hangin’ high up in the sky
    Girl, I’m gonna change your tomorrow tonight, yeah

    Tomorrow you’re gonna catch yourself
    Smiling cause you can’t help
    Thinkin’ ‘bout the night before

    Tomorrow you’re gonna find your way
    Right on back to my place
    But girl that’s gonna have to wait


    We can’t keep the world from turnin’
    Oh but we can slow it down, yeah



Never Regret

  1. Truck-N-Roll
  2. Keep Them Kisses Comin'
  3. When She Grows Up
  4. Tomorrow Is Gone
  5. Never Regret
  6. My Baby's Daddy
  7. Topless
  8. When Ends Don't Meet
  9. Outta My Head
  10. That's Why God Made a Front Porch
  11. You Can Come Over
  12. Lotta Good That Does Me Now

Craig Campbell

  1. I Bought It
  2. Family Man
  3. When I Get It
  4. My Little Cowboy
  5. Makes You Wanna Sang
  6. That Going Away Look (About Her)
  7. Fish
  8. Chillaxin'
  9. That's Music to Me
  10. You Probably Ain't
  11. All Night to Get There